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Motivational Story of Frogs

A group of frogs was traveling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit.

All the other frogs gathered around the pit. When they saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead.

The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump out of the pit with all of their might.

The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead.

Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.

The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die.

He jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the other frogs said, Did you not hear us?

The frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.

Author Unknown

Lessons to be learnt:

  1. There is power of life and death in the tongue. An encouraging word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make it through the day.

  • A destructive word to someone who is down can be what it takes to kill him or her.

  • Be careful of what you say. Speak life to those who cross your path. The power of words.... it is sometimes hard to understand that an encouraging word can go such a long way. Anyone can speak words that tend to rob another of the spirit to continue in difficult times.

    Special is the individual who will take the time to encourage another.

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    Enjoy your life at every moment

    Once a fisherman was sitting near the seashore, under the shadow of a tree smoking his beedi. Suddenly a rich businessman passing by approached him and enquired as to why he was sitting under a tree smoking and not working. To this, the poor fisherman replied that he had caught enough fishes for the day.

    Hearing this the rich man got angry and said: Why don’t you catch more fishes instead of sitting in shadow wasting your time?

    Fisherman asked: What would I do by catching more fishes?

    Businessman: You could catch more fishes, sell them and earn more money, and buy a bigger boat.

    Fisherman: What would I do then?

    Businessman: You could go fishing in deep waters and catch even more fishes and earn even more money.

    Fisherman: What would I do then?

    Businessman: You could buy many boats and employ many people to work for you and earn even more money.

    Fisherman: What would I do then?

    Businessman: You could become a rich businessman like me.

    Fisherman: What would I do then?

    Businessman: You could then enjoy your life peacefully.

    Fisherman: Isn’t that what I am doing now?

    Moral – You don’t need to wait for tomorrow to be happy and enjoy your life. You don’t even need to be more rich, more powerful to enjoy life. LIFE is at this moment, enjoy it fully.

    As some great men have said, “My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions but in the fewness of my wants”.

    Author Unknown

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    A glass of Milk, paid in Full

    One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was hungry. He decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door.

    Instead of a meal, he asked for a drink of water. She thought he looked hungry so brought him a large glass of milk.

    He drank it slowly, and then asked, “How much do I owe you?”

    “You don’t owe me anything,” she replied. “Mother has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness.”

    He said, “Then I thank you from my heart.”

    As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt stronger physically, but his faith in God and man was strong also. He had been ready to give up and quit.

    Year’s later that young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally sent her to the big city, where they called in specialists to study her rare disease.

    Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes. Immediately he rose and went down the hall of the hospital to her room.

    Dressed in his doctor’s gown he went in to see her. He recognized her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to the case.

    After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it, then wrote something on the edge and the bill was sent to her room.

    She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for it all. Finally, she looked, and something caught her attention on the side of the bill. She began to read the following words:

    “Paid in full with one glass of milk.

    Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly.”

    Author Unknown

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    Now, know where is the evil in Kaliyug?

    I loved the concept:

    One of the best message in the recent days I liked most;

    There are four yugas widely accepted in Hinduism. They are:
    1. Sat yug
    2. Treta yug (Ramayana)
    3. Dwapara yug (Mahabharata)
    4. Kal yug (Present)

    In Satya yug, the fight was between two worlds (Devalok & Asuralok). Asuralok being the evil, was a different WORLD.

    In Treta yug, the fight was between Rama and Ravana. Both rulers from two different COUNTRIES.

    In Dwapara yug, the fight was between Pandavas and Kauravas. Both good and evil from the SAME FAMILY.

    Kindly note how the evil is getting closer. For example, from a DIFFERENT WORLD to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to the SAME FAMILY.

    Now, know where is the evil in Kaliyug?

    It is inside us. Both GOOD AND EVIL LIVE WITHIN. The battle is within us. Who will we give victory to, our inner goodness or the evil within?

    Think, identify and fight..!
    Good morning😊

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    Apj abdul kalam Quote

    APJ Abdul Kalam

    Quotes 1
    All birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude make the difference.

    - APJ Abdul kalam

    Quotes 2
    Be active! Take on responsibility! Work for the things you believe in. If you do not, you are surrendering your fate to others.

    - APJ Abdul kalam

    Quotes 3
    The black color is sentimentally bad but, every blackboard makes the student's life bright.

    - APJ Abdul Kalam

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    Stay blessed.You Are In Your Time Zone....

    New York is 3 hours ahead of California but it does not mean that California is slow, or that New York is fast. Both are working based on their own "Time Zone."

    Someone is still single. Someone got married and 'waited' 10 years before having a child. There is another who had a baby within a year of marriage.

    Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before securing a good job, and there is another who graduated at 27 and secured employment immediately!

    Someone became CEO at 25 and died near 50 (Eg. Steve Jobs, ... etc.) while another became a CEO at 50 and lived to 90 years.
    Everyone works based on their 'Time Zone',

    People can have things worked out only according to their pace.
    Work in your time zone

    Your Colleagues, friends, younger ones might "seem" to go ahead of you.
    Maybe some might "seem" behind you.

    Everyone in this world is running their own race on their own lane in their own time. God has a different plan for everybody. Time is the difference. Obama retires at 55, Trump resumes at 70

    Don't envy or mock anyone, it's their 'Time Zone.'
    You are in yours!

    Hold on, be strong and stay true to yourself. All things shall work together for your good.

    You’re not late … You are not early ... you’re very much On time! Keep faith on your ability, strength, Hard Work & Commitment. No one can stop you 👍👍👍👍

    Stay blessed.
    You Are In Your Time Zone...🌐

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    Abraham Lincoln never quits.

    Abraham Lincoln never quits.

    Born into poverty, Lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. He lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown.

    He could have quit many times – but he didn't and because he didn't quit, he became one of the greatest presidents in the United States history.

    Here is a sketch of Lincoln's road to the White House:

    • 1816 His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them.

    • 1818 His mother died.

    • 1831 Failed in business.

    • 1832 Ran for state legislature – lost.

    • 1832 Also lost his job – wanted to go to law school but couldn't get in.

    • 1833 Borrowed some money from a friend to begin a business and by the end of the year he was bankrupt. He spent the next 17 years of his life paying off this debt.

    • 1834 Ran for state legislature again – won.

    • 1835 Was engaged to be married, sweetheart died and his heart was broken.

    • 1836 Had a total nervous breakdown and was in bed for six months.

    • 1838 Sought to become speaker of the state legislature – defeated.

    • 1840 Sought to become elector – defeated.

    • 1843 Ran for Congress – lost.

    • 1846 Ran for Congress again – this time he won – went to Washington and did a good job.

    • 1848 Ran for re-election to Congress – lost.

    • 1849 Sought the job of land officer in his home state – rejected.

    • 1854 Ran for Senate of the United States – lost.

    • 1856 Sought the Vice-Presidential nomination at his party's national convention – get less than 100 votes.

    • 1858 Ran for U.S. Senate again – again he lost.

    • 1860 Elected president of the United States.


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    A short story of self confidence

    There was a business executive who was deep in debt and could see no way out.

    Creditors were closing in on him. Suppliers were demanding payment. He sat on the park bench, head in hands, wondering if anything could save his company from bankruptcy.

    Suddenly an old man appeared before him. “I can see that something is troubling you,” he said.
    After listening to the executive’s woes, the old man said, “I believe I can help you.”

    He asked the man his name, wrote out a check, and pushed it into his hand saying, “Take this money. Meet me here exactly one year from today, and you can pay me back at that time.”
    Then he turned and disappeared as quickly as he had come.

    The business executive saw in his hand a check for $500,000, signed by John D. Rockefeller, then one of the richest men in the world!

    “I can erase my money worries in an instant!” he realized. But instead, the executive decided to put the uncashed check in his safe. Just knowing it was there might give him the strength to work out a way to save his business, he thought.

    With renewed optimism, he negotiated better deals and extended terms of payment. He closed several big sales. Within a few months, he was out of debt and making money once again.

    Exactly one year later, he returned to the park with the uncashed check. At the agreed-upon time, the old man appeared. But just as the executive was about to hand back the check and share his success story, a nurse came running up and grabbed the old man.

    “I’m so glad I caught him!” she cried. “I hope he hasn’t been bothering you. He’s always escaping from the rest home and telling people he’s John D. Rockefeller.”

    And she led the old man away by the arm.

    The astonished executive just stood there, stunned. All year long he’d been wheeling and dealing, buying and selling, convinced he had half a million dollars behind him.

    Suddenly, he realized that it wasn’t the money, real or imagined, that had turned his life around. It was his newfound self-confidence that gave him the power to achieve anything he went after.

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    The Story of woodcutter

    Once upon a time, a very strong woodcutter asked for a job in a timber merchant and he got it. The pay was really good and so was the work condition. For those reasons, the woodcutter was determined to do his best.

    His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area where he supposed to work.

    The first day, the woodcutter brought 18 trees.

    “Congratulations,” the boss said. “Go on that way!”

    Very motivated by the boss words, the woodcutter tried harder the next day, but he could only bring 15 trees. The third day he tried even harder, but he could only bring 10 trees. Day after day he was bringing less and fewer trees.

    “I must be losing my strength”, the woodcutter thought. He went to the boss and apologized, saying that he could not understand what was going on.

    “When was the last time you sharpened your axe?” the boss asked.

    “Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut trees…”


    Our lives are like that. We sometimes get so busy that we don’t take time to sharpen the “axe”. In today’s world, it seems that everyone is busier than ever but less happy that ever.

    Why is that? Could it be that we have forgotten how to stay “sharp”? There’s nothing wrong with activity and hard work. But we should not get so busy that we neglect the truly important things in life, like our personal life, taking time to get close to our Creator, giving more time for our family, taking time to read, etc.

    We all need time to relax, to think and meditate, to learn and grow. If we don’t take the time to sharpen the “axe”, we will become dull and lose our effectiveness.

    Author: Stephen Covey
    From: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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    Bank account of TIME

    Imagine there is a bank, which credits your account each morning with Rs 86,400, carries over no balance from day to day, allows you to keep no cash balance, and every evening cancels whatever part of the amount you had failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every penny, of course! Mi

    Well, everyone has such a bank. Its name is Time.
    Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the records of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours.

    There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow."

    Therefore, there is not enough time or too much time. Time management is decided by us alone and nobody else. It is never the case of us not having enough time to do things, but the case of whether we want to do it.


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    You are unique

    Think what a remarkable, unduplicatable, and miraculous thing it is to be you! Of all the people who have come and gone on the earth, since the beginning of time, not ONE of them is like YOU!

    No one who has ever lived or is to come has had your combination of abilities, talents, appearance, friends, acquaintances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities.

    No, one's hair grows exactly the way yours does. No one's fingerprints are like yours. No one has the same combination of secret inside jokes and family expressions that you know.

    The few people who laugh at all the same things you do, don't sneeze the way you do. No one prays about exactly the same concerns as you do. No one is loved by the same combination of people that love you - NO ONE!

    No one before, no one to come. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE!

    Enjoy that uniqueness. You do not have to pretend in order to seem more like someone else. You weren't meant to be like someone else. You do not have to lie to conceal the parts of you that are not like what you see in anyone else.

    You were meant to be different. Nowhere ever in all of history will the same things be going on in anyone's mind, soul and spirit as are going on in yours right now.

    If you did not exist, there would be a hole in creation, a gap in history, something missing from the plan for humankind.

    Treasure your uniqueness. It is a gift given only to you. Enjoy it and share it!

    No one can reach out to others in the same way that you can. No one can speak your words. No one can convey your meanings. No one can comfort with your kind of comfort. No one can bring your kind of understanding to another person.

    No one can be cheerful and lighthearted and joyous in your way. No one can smile your smile. No one else can bring the whole unique impact of you to another human being.

    Share your uniqueness. Let it be free to flow out among your family and friends and people you meet in the rush and clutter of living wherever you are. That gift of yourself was given you to enjoy and share. Give yourself away!

    See it! Receive it! Let it tickle you! Let it inform you and nudge you and inspire you! YOU ARE UNIQUE!